At the touch of a button

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The GEST Service Call System delivers excellent service and unrivalled privacy. A stylish steward button, easily enabled over a simple WiFi connection.


Innovative. Intuitive.

At the touch of a button, GEST enhances superior service to the world’s most discerning clients. Tailored to suit, inside its sleek exterior GEST is a high-tech innovation in product design. An advanced luxury service call, GEST delivers more efficient service in a timeless design with customisable features.


Professional support,
efficient workflow

GEST is the future of luxury service call systems. Created to support and enhance the workflow of superior service professionals, GEST’s server is easy to install and seamlessly integrated into existing, customised hospitality systems. Complemented with the dedicated GEST Service App and a chic GEST Service Call Button, stepping into the future of luxury service has never been easier.

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“ The success of the GEST call system shows us the desire for a new service standard, one where technology is used in a human way.”

Stefan Van Cleef, Chief Design Officer GEST

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The GEST Call System is designed for those who demand nothing but the very best. Get in touch with YachtCloud to order your GEST Service Call System and bespoke steward call button, and step into the future of premium, professional service.