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With the finest materials

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Excellent service. Unrivalled privacy. Beautiful design.

These are at the core of the GEST Service Call System. Created with the world’s most discerning clients in mind, the GEST Service Call Button is available in two standard finishes and completely customisable. From exclusive engraving to bespoke designs that seamlessly match her owner’s interior - GEST delivers beyond expectations.



The Collection

The creators of the GEST Steward Call System understand the importance of sleek design and smart technology. The GEST Service Call Button collection features a range of exclusive materials for the perfect finish. Each GEST Button is entirely customisable, ensuring your service call system is made to measure.

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Solid Black

Service Call Button

Matte Black



Service Call Button

Black or Brown Leather

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Service Call Button

Silver or Gold
Custom Leather and Wood Detailing


To learn more about the world of customisation options for your GEST Button, download the GEST Steward Call brochure below.



A Smart Interaction

Using the GEST Service Call System is intuitive. A standard or priority service request is easily differentiated by touching the steward call button for either two or five seconds. GEST’s subtle sound and light indicate the state of the call. When an attendant confirms the call, the GEST button turns green, seamlessly informing the user that service will arrive shortly.

In an emergency, a warning signal can also be triggered on specific or multiple buttons by authorised attendants or security systems. New GEST models allow users to dedicate up to four different areas on the Button to functions of their choice.

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“GEST is a fantastic fit for the luxury residential, hospitality and yachting markets. A technological product and innovative system blend with beautiful design to offer a new standard of 7-star service.”

Roel van der Zwet - YachtCloud Commercial Director

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GEST Steward Call Features

WiFi A.png


Simple WiFi connection - no additional equipment required

Siren A.png

Two Way

Emergency calls to and from each GEST button for enhanced safety


Service App

Efficient handling for service attendants - API & Crestron integration


Sophisticated Design

Using the finest materials and exclusive bespoke design

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Multiple touch areas, with the ability to make special requests

Qi A.png


Using the industry standard Qi protocol for wireless charging

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Touch, light & sound combined with clean app design for easy use


Hardware Monitoring

Battery status, temperature & connectivity monitored in the app


Local or

Managed with the GEST local server or the Cloud service



Superior Service Through a Dedicated App

Easily downloaded via the App Store, the GEST Service App ensures a more efficient workflow and seamless service. In addition to service call notifications and the ability to contact all staff members, the GEST Service App features a monitoring system. Displaying the health of the button and hardware, the app ensures superior service never goes down.

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Dutch Design,
Handmade in Holland


GEST Steward Call Specifications


GEST Button
Size: 89 x 30 mm
Weight: 250 grams
Connections: WiFi, BLE
Power: 3.7V Battery, Wireless Charging
Indicators: Sound & Light

GEST Local Server*
Size: 111 x 115 x 32 mm
Connections: IP Network RJ45GEST Steward Call
Power: 12-19 VDC via External Power Supply

*for stand-alone use without internet