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The GEST Service Call System brings luxury service to another level of excellence.

Upgrading your current service call system is easy. Connect the GEST Service Button to the WiFi, download the GEST Service App and you’re ready to go. Dedicated to delivering superior support, the luxury service call experts at YachtCloud are always on hand to assist.



Setting Up Your GEST System

The GEST Service App hosts all the GEST Steward Button and GEST Server settings. The GEST Service App allows users to configure the GEST steward buttons and monitor hardware, and offers a platform to efficiently handle all service calls.

The GEST Service System is configured in three simple steps:

Download the GEST Service App from the App Store

Follow the steps in the set-up guide

Your GEST Service Call System is ready to go



Third Party Integration

The GEST call system is designed for those looking for bespoke excellence. In addition to the GEST Service App, clients can opt to use other control and management systems to create their ideal GEST Steward Call System, right down to the professional interface.


CRESTRON is one of the most commonly used and robust platforms for system integration.

GEST is easily integrated using the CRESTRON code-module from YachtCloud.


Designed for luxury property and yacht owners, OMNIYON provides a sleek, simple and sophisticated media and comfort control experience.

All GEST features are seamlessly integrated in OMNIYON.




Each GEST Service Call System is tailored to the individual clients’ needs. From 100+ metre superyachts to sprawling luxury properties. For complete GEST Steward Call System prices, including GEST service button customisation, get in touch with the sales team at
If you opt to install your own GEST server, the GEST Service Call System is run locally without the need for an internet connection. GEST also operates with a cloud-based solution, requiring the GEST Button, a smartphone and internet connection. To discuss the best solution for you, get in touch with the sales team at
The GEST Service Call System is easily integrated, with the Solid Black GEST button delivered within just a few days of purchase. Bespoke luxury service call systems can take between 8 - 12 weeks. For more detailed information on delivery times of the GEST Service Call System, get in touch with the sales team at
The number of staff that can be added to your GEST system has no limit. The same goes for the number of buttons added to a system, offering GEST clients maximum freedom and ultimate flexibility.
Every GEST Service Call button comes with a one year warranty, which can be easily extended. For more information on GEST, contact a member of the YachtCloud team at:

More answers regarding GEST button usage, GEST Service Call App, the GEST Steward Call System and GEST Steward Call Buttons can be found on our FAQ page.